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alkyl polyglucosidesalcohol ether carboxylate anionimidazoline amphoteric surfactantamphoteric and cationic surfactants
trade name aec9h
inci laureth-11 carboxylic acid
chemical family polyoxyethylene alkylether carboxylic acid
cas 27306-90-7
solid content % 86.0-90.0
ph value (10% aq.) - 2.0-4.0
sodium chloride % <1.0
appearance(25℃) pale yellow liquid
odour no odor
description product that yields combined benefits of non-ionic and anionic surfactants with overall physico-chemical stability, exellent mildness to skin and mucous membranes
applications main surfactant, co-surfactant
solubilizer & emulsifier
bath and shower products
hair care
men's grooming products
skin care
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